12 Sweet DIY Indoor Garden Decoration Ideas

9.Wall Pallet Garden

9.Wall Pallet Garden

12 Sweet DIY Indoor Garden Decoration Ideas

Just few ideas on how to add greenery to your home with calm energy and cool vibe.

Simple to make and you fix in the plants, place it on the walls of your corridor, where this is light and not so much décor going on so it can be noticed. On the plane wall you can add a piece of art just to add the touch.


This is creative work. You can sketch it from your clothes hanger, just placing the hooks and a base to keep your floor from being messy from the garden. Hang them in different heights so each plant has enough space to grow.

Beautiful detail costing almost nothing. Just cutting out a round shaped moss garden. Vertically hang the plants and place it on your old metal tray to base the plants and prevent messing your wall. This can be in your kitchen table, at the corner near the window.

You can part sections like on the photo and hang on a rod to your height because you don’t want to climb a ladder every time you want to water the plants. Partition helps you differentiate the plants according to their specie and hanging it near the window is best for better view.

When my fishes died 3 times consecutively, I was not confident again to buy fishes. So this is what came to mind. Why not using the aquarium for my plants? And it turned out great. You just need to leave the enough space for air and of course near the sun light.

This is a great idea for those who easily forget to water their plants since kitchen is the place you can’t avoid to step in. Probably spending most of your time in the kitchen than outside so you can easily notice the garden in there and take care of the plants. Here there is one on the working area and other at the wall. There is even a kettle décor as a reminder to water the plants.

For some reasons, you may want a movable garden and this would work. Put your plants in the trolley. It is good for someone who keeps shifting the plants from one place to another, with this you can drag them anywhere without disturbing them or high risk of dropping when carrying with your hands.

This is more of a décor. Instead of putting a photo frame on your wall, nature may replace it and still looks amazing. Stick a beautiful wall paper nicely cut and screw in your vessels with plants.

I was asked to decorate my office wall for holiday season and this is what I came up with. I thought of nature because I love nature so much, it always never disappoints me. But since it is holiday season, I added lights to create the holiday atmosphere. Everyone loved it.

This décor is specifically supposed to color up your window. Keeping the plants near the window is the way but in what way is the question. You definitely won’t like them roughly down the window and block you from opening the windows whenever you need to. So by the sides looks stylish and attractive.

Another hanging spot is by the corner. It doesn’t really take space. You may paint the plant vessels in white or any other color you will want.

The idea is not far from the previous ones only that this garden is arranged in a pattern. Carries a different beauty as well.

At the end of the day, indoor gardening has additional advantages of living a greener life. For instance; when you have plants indoors, they emit oxygen into the air allowing for cleaning air that will keep your family and pets healthy.

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