13 Brilliant DIY Home PVC Solutions

13 Brilliant DIY Home PVC Solutions 09

13 Brilliant DIY Home PVC Solutions 09

13 Brilliant DIY Home PVC Solutions

PVC is a construction material that is relatively cheap. For these next cool ideas we used it because of its ability to be easily cut and drilled into. Its size allowance also lets DIY enthusiasts manage to use it both indoors and outdoors since it ranges from very small sizes to large sizes. Below we will give you 11 home solutions for storing and packing away neatly everyday utensils simply by having a PVC pipe of any color and a pair of cutting materials, glue and a small drill(where applicable)

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This simple hair drying stand is very efficient because it can be places anywhere, no need to fuss about glue and cutting, pvc pipes come in “wye” patterns like this therefore giving you additional space to put a curler.

Pick a cabinet where you would access your wines easily, stack the pvc pipes(Glue them together on the edges for better stability) and then simply enjoy your wine.

Simply get some pvc pipes and cut them to the size of the width of the dish cloth when rolled up and stand the cut pieces next to each other, roll up your cloths every time after use and place inside.

Keep your work or school desk looking neat by cutting and gluing the pipes onto it for placement of your stationery, the ultimate desk organizer.

For a shoe rack, simply cut the pipes and paint them how you want, then stack them up on each other and you have a very efficient shoe rack .

These pvc pipes are put such that they stand, place a light bulb at the bottom (can be done with Cutting any desired pattern into the pipe)

Make yourself a screen for any room of the house. Simply cut different sizes of different size pipes and glue them together and you have a beautiful screen

This simple wine glass holder can be made by cutting a small piece off the pipe horizontally. The Pipe is then glued or drilled with the cut side facing down

These are great ideas for  flower holders and vases all you need is a pipe that you cut to size, and paint any color of your choice.

Great utensil holder for the dinner table can be done by cutting the small size pipe to length and attaching it to the center of the table.

For an artist or someone who likes to use tape  this is a great design to keep them, and arrange them in any color co-ordination you might want

These pipes painted to the desired color, they can be placed over a candle, and illuminate the shape you cut into them, beautiful for romantic evenings in your home.

This is a brilliant and simple way to have your stationery organized on the work or school desk in your home. Cut the pipe at a desired angle and place them on table.